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Scratches turn to wounds

The sky is bright blue the breeze crisp as I walk through the woods not aware of the tiny dangers.  As I went deeper into the woods chasing the dog and laughing having fun I got a few scratches.  After a few hours those long red scratches on my arms started to hurt, as I went to investigate in the bathroom I discovered tiny thorns in my skin. Wow, Shouldn’t I have felt them earlier? Shouldn’t I have seen the thorns before now?  

Life like the woods are full of unforeseen daily dangers like thorns. I like many of you run through life at full speed unaware of the small pricks in my soul happening before I know it.  What is a prick to the soul? When we allow a hurt or pain like an unkind word, or a husband leaves his socks on the floor and you decide to let it prick your soul or your wife does not offer kind words today and it pricks your soul.  It happens. We dwell on the small hurts.

The pricks or tiny thorns left in our soul or on our arms get infected and cause us so much pain.  Once we are in pain then must go to the doctor to get medicine to heal us.   As soon as we feel that our soul or life has a scratch that is when we need to stop and investigate what has pricked us and ask God for healing.  Psalm 147:3 “HE heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” How wonderful it is that we have a God to go to in time of any distress and HE heals!  Let’s heal those scratches in our lives daily.


Wishing you a day full of NO scratches.


Walking…to the Fridge

Sounds easy walking. 5:30 am I wake up I put my feet on the floor and I walk to the refrigerator to eat.   What this time fruit? Oh, I wish.  How about the last piece of pie?  I love pie.  I know the doctor has said no sugar it makes your disease worse but… Continue Reading

On Your Own-Not Really

All the seniors have graduated from high school or college and everyone says “Your own your own!” No your never own your own because God is always with you. God will never leave you. Keep your focus on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 “Keep your eyes on Jesus. Spend time studying how he lived. Jesus kept the… Continue Reading

Creating websites

My mind is set I want to learn more about creating websites. Well today I have been researching how to create a website or how to update the site I am currently using. The information is a little over whelming at times due to all the options that are out there. I am determined to… Continue Reading

I am back

Life happens so I have not been blogging.  I have been encouraged to start my blog back up so this is my first post in a while. I just wanted you guys to know I will be back up and blogging once a week. Continue Reading

Choosing a sofa

Yes, you read the title correctly it does say choosing a sofa.   I have been in the market for a new sofa and this is what I have learned.   There are Traditional, Loveseat, Sectionals and Convertible Sofas.  Space is the first factor you need to determine before choosing a sofa.   Small rooms… Continue Reading


(I wrote this entry a while back and now decided to share.)  Yesterday was a marvelous day.  I met some wonderful people from out of town and spent the day with my daughter.  In the course of the day GOD’s purpose for our lives was discussed.  Since I have been back home as I have… Continue Reading


A wonderful friend gave me a leather bound pink devotion book chocked full of inspiration and truth. Today as I picked it up to see what GOD had for me to learn I did not know it was going to really inspire me as it did.  Lately, it seems we are all busy with back… Continue Reading

Great Devotion

Wow!  I am sharing with you this great devotion on Proverbs 31 ministries.  We should not choose to continually find fault and blame ourselves. Continue Reading