On Your Own-Not Really

All the seniors have graduated from high school or college and everyone says “Your own your own!” No your never own your own because God is always with you. God will never leave you. Keep your focus on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 “Keep your eyes on Jesus. Spend time studying how he lived. Jesus kept the focus on what GOD had for him to do and finished strong.”

Many of you will be away from your parents for the first time off at college. Remember GOD goes with you and is always there for you in every situation, every moment, everyday.

Remember to
1. If you have not given your life to
Christ for HIM to lead you then that is first.
2. Pray
3. Read your Bible
4. Plug into a local church that shares true scriptural beliefs.

Have a blessed day!

About Stacie

Stacie Michel Wallace On a Journey and sharing my walk.

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