Walking…to the Fridge

Sounds easy walking. 5:30 am I wake up I put my feet on the floor and I walk to the refrigerator to eat.   What this time fruit? Oh, I wish.  How about the last piece of pie?  I love pie.  I know the doctor has said no sugar it makes your disease worse but I WANT SUGAR.  Can anyone relate?  Healthy eating, yes I know it is good for me but there our times when I just want the pie.   I have to stop and talk myself off the ledge and pray for God to give me strength because I do not have it.  1 Chronicles 16:11 “Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!”  Yes the LORD and only the LORD can get me through this moment.  Slowly, I close the refrigerator, turn loose of the handle and walk away.  Wow, that was hard but I did it.  Thank you God for being with me in my struggle.  Now I head to the closet to put on my bright orange tennis shoes and walk to the front door I guess I will go on a real walk now.  I am trying to do better exercise, eating the lifestyle change good days and bad days.  Each day that I get up and try is a great day.



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Stacie Michel Wallace On a Journey and sharing my walk.

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