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Choosing a sofa

Yes, you read the title correctly it does say choosing a sofa.   I have been in the market for a new sofa and this is what I have learned.   There are Traditional, Loveseat, Sectionals and Convertible Sofas.  Space is the first factor you need to determine before choosing a sofa.   Small rooms tend to use traditional or loveseat sofas.  Large rooms give you more options.  Make sure to measure your space to maximize time while shopping. Décor is next, the sofa must go with your décor.  Price is a big factor in picking out a sofa you need to stay within your budget.  Sofas can get pricey.  Shop various stores from online retailers like, IKEA, local retailers, craigslist and consignment stores.  (Of course be careful; whenever shopping on Craigslist and never go alone.)  Wishing all of you happy shopping.


Here is a picture of a really neat traditional loveseat sofa.




A Chesterfield sofa
A Chesterfield sofa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)